[Press Release] AMPD Research: 95% of Taiwanese use a video streaming service

2020.12.09 關鍵評論網媒體集團
Online video consumption in Taiwan is rising. 95% of the Taiwan internet population use an advertising-based video on demand (AVOD) streaming service, led by YouTube with over 16 million monthly active users. 41% of the Taiwan population use a subscription on demand (SVOD) service, with the average SVOD user viewing 3.2 SVOD services in the month of October 2020. On average, the SVOD household pays NT$ 375 (USD 13) per month for video streaming services.



Online video consumption in Taiwan is rising, driven by high levels of broadband connectivity and the availability of affordable unlimited data plans.  The recent launch of 5G services will provide powerful levers of future online video growth.  In fact, 92% of consumers use a smartphone to stream video content, with less than a quarter – 24% - of consumer using a smart TV to stream VOD services.

Monthly Spend for Subscription VOD in Taiwan
Monthly Spend for Subscription VOD in Taiwan
Photo Credit: Engagement Lab


The online video market hosts more than 25 OTT platforms that offer SVOD services in Taiwan. New services continued to launch in the highly competitive market in 2019-20 (i.e., Apple TV+, YouTube Premium, HBO Go). The growth of premium video services is becoming significant, anchored to a broad network of SVOD distribution partnerships with local telecom players, Pay TV operators, and set-top box distributors.

Commenting on the results, Media Partners Asia’s senior analyst Adrian Tong, said “Online video consumption continues to grow in Taiwan while the SVOD market now has surpassed 2 million paying customers. However, with over 25 operators, the SVOD market is overcrowded especially as only a handful of platforms command significant consumption and revenue share. More investment in local production and premium content, market consolidation and enforcement against piracy, will drive future market growth and health.”


AVOD Market Highlights

95% of the Taiwan internet population use AVOD, led by YouTube with over 16 million average monthly users.

Other key AVOD platforms include LINE TV and Yahoo! TV, both reaching around 6-million users monthly.


SVOD Market Highlights

45% of the online Taiwan population use an SVOD service, with the average SVOD subscriber using 3.2 paid services.  The key players include:

MyVideo is the leading freemium platform in Taiwan in terms of paying subscribers, followed by iQIYI Taiwan, also a freemium service with offshore operations.


VOD Customer Satisfaction

AMPD Research also polled customer satisfaction levels among streaming services and found that Netflix delivers the highest levels of consumer approval, followed by YouTube and HBO Go respectively.  On average, customer satisfaction across the whole streaming sector showed negative scores indicating the need for sustained investment in product and content to support customer loyalty and continued growth.  


Background & Methodology

AMPD Research and it’s Taiwan local partner Engagement Lab conducted an online survey of Taiwanese consumers aged 15+. A total of 5,135 interviews were administered to a nationally representative sample from 1st to 30th October 2020. The margin of error is approximately 1.37% at 95% confidence level. Rim weighting techniques were applied to the findings to further improve representatives and accuracy.


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