Becoming Aces

“DEFINE YOUR OWN SUCCESS” Becoming Aces is the platform specifically designed for talented young people to show their accomplishments to the public, the changes they’ve made to society, and the inspiration they can bring to the younger generation to build a better future together.


  • 2015

    Hosted The First Forum

  • 2016

    Hosted The Second Forum

  • 2017

    Hosted The Third Forum

  • 2018

    Hosted The Forth Forum

  • 2020

    Announced an Expanded Jury Chair. Former Minister of the National Development Commission, Chen Mei-ling, was the inaugural chair.

  • 2021

    Jury Chaired by Former Vice President Chen Chien-jen

  • 2022

    Jury Chaired by Former Minister of Culture, Cheng Li-chun

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