我們是一群對於媒體有熱情的人。從2012年夏日夜晚一間露天酒吧的對話開始,兩位創辦人加上幾位年輕夥伴在2013年一間商務中心內的小辦公室裡開始打造了The News Lens關鍵評論網。


Joey Chung CEO & Co-Founder

Joey was the former General Manager of Sanrio (Hello Kitty) China as well as Sanrio America New Business Development Manager. 2009 Graduate of Harvard Business School. Previously worked at UBS Securities Research Division, Ralph Lauren New York and as a columnist for Business Week.
He specializes in media branding, retailing, marketing, and international affairs.

Mario Yang Chief Content Officer & Co-Founder

Mario was CNET's Chief Executive Editor and tripled Taiwan's web traffic during his term. Also served as Business Weekly Taiwan's Senior Editor, Digital and increased Alexa ranking from mid-200 to the top 50.
Currently hosting the "Drink with Mario" and managing all content brands in TNL Media Groups. Mario specializes in humanistic observation of the interaction between technology and society.

Elaine Kung Group CFO & Integration Officer

As a CPA in Taiwan, China and USA, Elaine was the GM and CFO of Cite Media Group, Director and CEO of Cite Culture&Arts Foundation, and Senior Manager of PwC.
With specialization in accounting, taxation, law, and administration, Elaine is familiar with the financial and non-financial KPIs for successfully operating media and is familiar with pushing industrial upgrade government policies. In TNL Group, Elaine is responsible for integrating internal and external sources, the design of organization structure, and IPO planning. We hope that TNL Group will stand out as a leader in digital media in Taiwan and become the world's largest independent digital content provider.

Edward Hsu Group New BD Officer

The current CEO and co-founder of Ad2iction. With various experience in web2.0, advertising agencies, and brand clients.

Tatt Chen Group Chief Research and Strategy Officer

Responsible for TNL Media Group’s strategy, research and analysis.
For the past 20yrs, Tatt has helped political and corporate leaders succeed in Asia.
Prior to TNL Media Group, he was the Asia Senior VP for famous Political, Marketing Communication Consulting firm Penn, Schoen & Berland (PSB Research), which is part of world’s largest media group WPP. Asia VP for Online Data Collection Platform Global Market Institute (GMI).

Building a positive cycle of consumer centric, trust-based data. Leveraging innovative technology, AI & predictive analytics coupled with human centric research approach, we thrive on decoding latest trends, predict future consumer behavior to assist decision makers better engage their target audience.

Kaeru Lin Group Chief Technology Officer

He is currently the Chief Technology Officer of TNL Media Group and the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Ad2iction. With more than 20 years of experience in software engineering and R&D, he is deeply involved in digital advertising systems and programmatic buying technologies. He has several multinational technology patents and has won the Silver Award of the Taiwan National Invention and Creation Award.

Randy Hsieh Chief Information Officer

With many years of experience in the digital industry, Randy has served as a Full Stack Developer, UX Designer, Digital Account Executive, Product manager, and other roles in his career. With these experiences, he can use more diverse perspectives to plan the most suitable products.

Randy is responsible for leading the product team within the group, building, designing, and optimizing the TNL Group's websites. We create digital brands that combine a good user experience, media independence, market demand, and profitability through technology to meet the changing needs of readers, creators, and marketers.

How Wang Chief Marketing Officer / GM of DaEX

Head of Marketing and GM of DaEx Intelligent Co. Worked as a supervisor at LION Travel and as Assistant Manager at Conde Nest Taiwan. Joined TNL Media Group in 2016, was Digital Marketing Manager, Branded Content Director, and COO.

With more than 14 years of digital marketing experience, specializing in digital marketing, social media, content marketing, CRM marketing and MarTech. Lead User Growth, membership and subscription program and Data Solution in TNL Media Group.

Anny Yu Chief of Staff

With many years of experience in the publishing industry in Canada and the manufacturing industry in China, Anny accumulated experience in product development and business development in the North American market. Possesses an entrepreneurial spirit and has many cross-domain entrepreneurial experiences.

Anny joined TNL during its start-up stage. She is responsible for the Group's strategic development research, assisting internal operations and maintaining investor relations.

Sherling Hsu Accounting Manager

Shearling has been with the Thomson Group for over 30 years. She joined when TNL was at a relatively smaller scale and brought us extensive financial and accounting experience to help businesses grow more systematically.

Jerry Wu HR Director

Jerry is a human resources worker with more than 15 years of experience who graduated from the Labor Institute of Chung Cheng University. He has worked in a well-known multinational enterprise, integrating the management system of overseas branches and subsidiaries from the perspective of the group's human resources officer, laying a good foundation for the group's future development.

He is responsible for recruiting the right talents, creating a friendly work environment, exerting staff's abilities and realizing their self-worth. He believes employees are TNL's greatest asset and is committed to establishing high-quality labor relations and a people-oriented and happy enterprise.